Letters to Daddy
Dear Daddy,

I am still upset that you went to holiday without me. I would have loved to visit Pa, take a snooze on the verandah and have a dip in the Never Never Creek. It is rather boring here without you. No one to play chess with me during the day (Monty still confuses the bishop and the king – don’t ask). Mummy has not been feeding us properly. I think that she is still upset about our banquet on Monday. I like egg porridge but would not mind chicken or fish with it. Surely it’s not too much to ask?? At least she is not marching us out of the door at 05:45am like she did when you were in Scotland. I hope you are enjoying your holiday and please bring back lots of souvenir. I love mangoes and bananas.

Love and cuddles,

Hello Daddy,
Where are you? Are you playing hide and seek again? We went to the parkie today and saw a boy beagle and a girl beagle. They were nice but Barney barked at them so I joined Barney. Mummy gave us proper dinner today. I wanted more but Mummy said no. Mummy told me that you have green frogs in Pa’s house. Do they watch cricket like Pickles? Can you bring me one because I can never catch the frog in Honey’s house? I am looking forward to souvenir too – I would like a nice block of beef with a big bone.

Love and licks,

by dackies | 2006-03-01 17:54 | Dackies
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